"100 Years, 4 Generations, 1 Passion"

The Prytania Theatre is a single-screen neighborhood theatre in New Orleans that is run by the Brunet Family. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, the moment you step inside you are transformed back in time to Old Hollywood. Though the theatre has tons of old school charm, it is outfitted with the state of the art projection and sound systems. 



Prytania Theater owner Rene Brunet, at age 91, has teamed up with Historian Jack Stewart and New Orleans book publisher Arthur Hardy to produce a 160-page coffee table book that chronicles more than 100 lost movie theaters in metro New Orleans.
New Orleans is a city of neighborhoods. And once upon a time, each of those neighborhoods included one or more movie theaters. Since 1896 when the nation’s first movie house, VitaScope Hall, opened on Canal Street, nearly 200 neighborhood theaters have come and gone. These entertainment venues were more than places where motion pictures were projected onto giant screens. They were community centers where people gathered and where memories were made. There’s One In Your Neighborhood—The Lost Movie Theaters of New Orleans presents the history of more than100 neighborhood theaters that will be familiar to Baby Boomer and younger generations.